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Facebook Matrix

Formulas for Searching Facebook

ALERT: At the moment, the Facebook graph search interface has changed. We are adjusting and a full update is coming soon. This means that most of the matrix below does not currently work but the directories and FBID info are good.

For instructions on the new search queries, visit or or (we will try to simplify this…eventually)

or use the following search tool to simplify queries through the current Facebook search interface:

This file will collect useful Facebook search techniques and queries. Please help us keep it up to date by submitting new queries through our form. 

Facebook uses ID numbers for everything in the system. If the string includes an ID number, a placeholder such as (place ID), (page ID), or (person ID) will be present and should be replaced with an ID number. Variables in the graph below are noted in red. Unless otherwise noted, all search queries start with and may be combined with other searches by adding /intersect to the end. Example:


  • These searches can be blocked by making full use of Facebook privacy options.

  • Facebook is constantly changing so some of these that worked yesterday may not work today and yet might still work tomorrow.

  • This page is best viewed on, and the URLs are best used on laptops/desktops

Get a Facebook ID

Manually get a Facebook ID

Facebook changes the ways to get ID numbers in the URL periodically, although they are often still visible in certain page URLs. The best way to consistently get an ID manually is via the source code. Note that you do not have to be logged in to get the FBID.

On the main page of any user profile, right click on unused space. Use ctrl+U (command+option+U on OSX) or in the right click menu, choose “View Page Source”.

In the following page of HTML, use ctrl+F (command+F on OSX) and open a search tool. Search for entity_id and the following number will be the Facebook ID number of the user, group or page.

Note that in some cases the group or user page ID will be in the original URL and for a place, it will always be in the URL.