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Alec Miller Demos Recon-ng for new OSINT Investigators

Our second installment from our summer intern, Alec Miller, now a sophomore CS student at the University of Arizona, covers Recon-ng. Alec gives screenshots and lots of details that will get new users started.


Recon-NG is a powerful OSINT penetration tool that I explored for my second project as the Plessas Experts Network intern. While Recon-NG is limited to running in a Linux environment, there are workarounds (dual booting or downloading a virtual machine) that allow a Windows PC user to access its capabilities. For my examples, I used Oracle’s virtual machine known as VirtualBox* to run Kali-Linux on my PC in order to run Recon-NG. For help with downloading and running the virtual machine and Kali-Linux, this video is very helpful.

Download the full report.

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