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Alec Miller reviews Spiderfoot for beginners.

Occasionally we will take on interns. We generally have them take on a tool or methodology and learn it and explain it to people who have never used the tool before. This summer, Alec Miller, now a sophomore CS student at the University of Arizona, took on three tools and gave us his notes. Those tools were:

  • Spiderfoot

  • ReconNG

  • Buscador

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing his reports. Here is his conclusion on Spiderfoot:


Spiderfoot as a whole is an amazing OSINT resource, but in the settings tab, there are more in depth options which could allow the user to have deeper searches on their target. Each selection with a lock next to the name has an option to add an API Key. These keys will allow the program to access more sources to gather intel from! These API keys that are gathered from various websites are very useful in regards to OSINT. Every key that is acquired should be kept safe and known in case of future programs requiring certain keys.

Spiderfoot is a great program to begin using when starting out with OSINT. It’s very easy to navigate through the program and gathering information is very straightforward. One of the great things about Spiderfoot is the ease of using the program while also having the ability to go deeper into the settings, add some API keys, maybe change some other settings and as a result have more in depth searches because of it. Spiderfoot is a very dynamic program, great for both beginners and experts of OSINT.”

Download his full report.

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